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Why We Don’t Report Sex Crimes

I have worked with sexual abuse and rape survivors throughout my nearly 20 year career as a psychotherapist. I am currently working with a number of survivors who are being triggered by the latest Catholic church abuse revelations and the vitriol public fury fest over the allegations being leveled against the current Supreme Court nominee. […]

Self Care: The Key To Better Mental Health

Let’s start with the numbers. One in every six Americans is dealing with mental illness. Women are more likely to be affected than men. In any group of 100 women, 21 of them are fighting for their mental health. But the stigma we place on mental illness works against our recovery. No one tells you […]

Hallmark Holidays

About those Hallmark holidays… My Mom hated them. She saw the game for what it is – Hallmark and other retail businesses exploiting some important piece of our lives for profit, manipulating us to try to make us feel bad if we don’t fork over a whole lot of a cash to prove that we […]

Conflict Code of Conduct

In the process of writing my wedding vows this morning, I started reviewing the last five years of my relationship with my fiancé and how we’ve grown together. It occurs to me that one of the biggest catalysts for growth and positive relationship together has been the way we fight. When we first got together, […]