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It is officially gift-giving season around these parts.  For some, it is an Olympic sport. Joey gave something THIS big to Veronica, so now Veronica has to give something even bigger to Joey.  So then Joey feels compelled to give even more to Veronica, even though he can’t afford it and so this year, Veronica […]

Good Grief: Holiday Edition

Happy happy happy! Joyful joyful joyful! ‘Tis the season to … …Be depressed out of your mind because it seems as though the whole planet is spending their time with magical, loving, warm families engaged in holiday traditions, while you are carrying an oppressive lump of sadness and grief. It feels sometimes as though those […]

Parenting 101: Anger

No one on earth has more power to infuriate us than our own child. Why do you suppose?  Are they psychically imprinted with some manual to the circuitry of our emotional centers? Is this all some diabolical scheme to drive all of the grown ups mad and leave nothing but children running the earth?!  Ok, […]