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Why Settle for Happy

“Happiness is not a goal; It’s a biproduct.” (Eleanor Roosevelt) Why settle for just happy? I have a number of clients who are either naturally positive people, or who have worked hard to become so. It’s important to them to “look on the bright side,” especially when things are hard. They intentionally seek out a counterbalance […]

Strong Broken Hearts

Hearts are amazing things. When they break, it feels as though we can never be whole again. What we previously knew as love gets dashed on the rocks, shattered into a millions fragments and scattered all over the landscape of our lives. It feels at times like we can never survive it. And yet we […]

Holiday Grief 102

In “Holiday Grief, part two: Sneaky Grief” we will look at some unusual presentations of grief that might just surprise you. Holidays have a way of amplifying our challenging emotions. Understanding what’s going on inside can often be the first step in managing things more successfully. Click The Link Above To View A Video

Holiday Grief 101

Managing grief is always a challenge, but at the holidays, the difficulties seem to be magnified. Understanding what’s going on and making strategies for your wellbeing can really help! Click The Link Above To View A Video