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Lessons From My Mother: Sitting at the weird kids’ table

“Mothers are the Mt. Everest of Relationships.” (Tiffany Sankofa) Not That Kind of Blog So, before you go assuming that I had some wonderful relationship with my mother, we were best friends, blah blah blah… Please know this isn’t that kind of post. Neither is it the kind of post where someone gets deified simply […]

Lasting Change Step 4: Identity

“An identity would seem to be arrived at by the way in which the person faces and uses his experience.” (James Baldwin)     Recap In Step One, you tuned into your gut brain and realistically assessed where you were in the Cycle of Readiness for Change. You worked through the Preparation Stage, figured out […]

Lasting Change, Step Two: Make It Easy!

  Hard changes are made up of a gazillion small, easy decisions.   As mentioned in the introduction to this blog series, we need different strategies for different parts of our movements toward lasting change. In step one, I noted that we need to listen to all three brains, and to work our way around […]