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In the early history of our species, words were thought of as “spells.” Early humans recognized the power of words. In Kemet, (pre-Egyptian Egypt,) words were considered to be from “Heka;” the aspect of God concerned with magic and manifestation. This is literally why we use the “spelling” in English to describe the construction of […]

Don’t panic.

Easier said than done, I know. However, we DO have the power to manage challenging situations well. First, calm your body and come out of Sympathetic Nervous System dominance so that you have access to your creativity and wisdom. (How? Go to and I’ll walk you through 6 simple ways.) Now that your thinking brain is […]

Emotions 101

Where do feelings come from? Do they simply drop out of the sky and invade our minds? Is there some rampant toddler storming through our minds picking emotions off of a shelf and throwing them into play in our lives? Feelings often seem to be just that random and uncontrollable. Emotions just… happen. Or do […]

Trust Your Feelings

Growing up, I often heard the phrase, “Don’t trust your feelings!” as if feelings were some alien invader intent on destroying our lives.  In truth, feelings are simply the chemical firings in our bodies that correlate with our assessments of situations.  In a way, they are like breadcrumbs that can lead us to a deeper […]