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Relationships 101, Part 3: Interdependence

I had a pastor once who aptly identified common misconceptions about love using the contemporary love songs of the day. The songs said things like, “I can’t live without you!” “I am nothing without you!” “You complete me!” “I found myself when I found you!” He very wisely noted that these are not “love songs;” […]

Relationships 101, Part 2: Remembering Our Why

Has your relationship started to feel stale and unsatisfying? Do you find yourself thinking about other people and then getting mad at yourself for it? Are you wondering where the person you fell in love with went? Sarah ban Breathenach wrote, ”Discontent breeds lifelong change.” This is a powerful truth. When we learn to tune […]

Relationships 101, Part 1: Essential Elements

It’s terrifying to think that love can die. In truth, unless they are well cared for, relationships die. When we first fall in love it’s easy to think it will always be this way. Somewhere down the line while managing whatever stressors life throws at us, it can stop feeling so exciting. Sometimes the relationship […]

Conflict Code of Conduct

In the process of writing my wedding vows this morning, I started reviewing the last five years of my relationship with my fiancé and how we’ve grown together. It occurs to me that one of the biggest catalysts for growth and positive relationship together has been the way we fight. When we first got together, […]