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Practicing Wild Kindness (in the midst of turmoil)

I have a cousin who is a school-based Social Worker and Peaceful Parenting Coach, (>shameless plug< **Confluence Parenting, LLC.) He’s married to a dedicated, creative, tenacious public school Math teacher. They are also parents to two totally awesome young boys. As hard as the last couple weeks have been for all of us, I think […]

The Santa Cages

  “Would it surprise you to hear that a man’s unhappiness is due in large measure to the way he is seeking after happiness?” (from The Seven Paths pub. by the Anasazi Foundation) I recently read, (ok, listened to,) the Kent Nerburn book, Neither Wolf, Nor Dog. In the book, the author has been asked […]

Lessons From My Mother: Sitting at the weird kids’ table

“Mothers are the Mt. Everest of Relationships.” (Tiffany Sankofa) Not That Kind of Blog So, before you go assuming that I had some wonderful relationship with my mother, we were best friends, blah blah blah… Please know this isn’t that kind of post. Neither is it the kind of post where someone gets deified simply […]

Who’s Driving Your Bus?

Who’s Driving Your Bus?     “Fight for the things you care about, but do it in a way that leads others to join you.” (Ruth Bader Ginsberg)   Déjà Vu All Over Again Why do we deteriorate in conflict with people that really matter to us? The logical brain between our ears is watching […]