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Finding Your Pando

There is a colony of 47,000 Quaking Aspen trees located in Fishlake National Forest, in Utah that have been gauged to be around 80,000 years old. 80 —- > THOUSAND years! (See for more information and pictures. It’s beautiful!) These trees have been gauged to be approximately 80,000 years old. They have seen peoples and […]

Simple, Everyday Strategies for Anyone Looking to Boost Their Overall Health

For most people, improving their head-to-toe health doesn’t have to involve massive life changes. Sure, there are exceptions to this, but the majority of people can be served by employing some small, simple, health-boosting strategies in their everyday life. Here are some things you can add to your daily routine to enhance your overall well-being. […]

Self Care: The Key To Better Mental Health

Let’s start with the numbers. One in every six Americans is dealing with mental illness. Women are more likely to be affected than men. In any group of 100 women, 21 of them are fighting for their mental health. But the stigma we place on mental illness works against our recovery. No one tells you […]

One Time at a Time

It’s so easy for the clutter of our lives and our ambitions to create chaos and stress. We want to do and accomplish and change the world for good, but it just never seems like there’s enough time for it all. I wanted to share something with you that I learned from my daughter when […]