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COVID and You

We have made it through an entire year on the virtual platform! Well done! Thank you all for being patient and flexible as we do what we have to do to stay as safe as possible and make this virus go away as quickly as we can.

I have now received both Moderna shots. I haven’t sprouted gills or extra limbs or anything. At least not so far! (I could actually use another hand or two. DRAT.) Some of you have been fully vaccinated also. I am waiting to see if the CDC shifts at all on their statement that fully vaxed people can safely meet face to face without masks. I remain slightly concerned about the variants.

Once we are cleared I will start opening up in-person slots one day a week, (likely Monday or Tuesday,) in the office for those who have been fully vaccinated. I’ll keep you posted.

I have been going to the office and working virtually from there on Fridays. I have to tell you, even though not a single client has walked through that door since last March, Dante still faithfully sits on his perch on the recliner, staring at the door waiting for you, every time we go in!

Let’s hope we can make the poor floof’s dreams come true soon! In the meantime, please stay safe, keep masking and social distancing.

Hoping to see you soon,