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The two hardest things in life are being a kid… and raising one. It can be incredibly confusing to know how to handle the challenges that arise. I don’t have all of the answers, but I can help you refine and implement your parenting plan in a way that is thoughtful, consistent and effective for your unique family. I can also work with your child to help him or her navigate the challenges in from of him/her in a way that will help to prepare for a positive, vital adult life.

Family struggles can happen at any age and any stage. I sometimes work with parents and their adult children to help them navigate healthier relationships. I am also available both for couples counseling and for parenting coaching. Communication can be very tricky. Learning to both hear the other person well, and to communicate in a way that you are also heard can be a lot more complicated than we think it should be. I am here to help.

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