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Trauma Body Transformation

Are you a trauma survivor who struggles with your relationships with your body or with food? The journey to a healthy body and a healthy relationship with our bodies is significantly different for trauma survivors emotionally, psychologically and physiologically. But there is definitely hope!

A person who’s body has been traumatized is significantly more likely to go into Sympathetic Nervous System dominance (the fight-flight-freeze-fawn response,) faster and recovers from it slower than those who haven’t been through trauma. This makes getting and keeping a healthy weight exponentially more difficult because the flood of cortisol that goes along with that high alert state throws the body’s ability to regulate leptin and insulin off in sometimes profound ways. This can slow our metabolism down and also chemically nudge us toward high-reward foods that perpetuate the negative cycle of weight gain and self shame.

Many trauma survivors learn to take comfort in less than helpful foods. The emotional comfort of eating those counter productive foods can lead us into an overweight and self-loathing shame cycle that can be maddening, and only makes things worse.

Are you ready to break out of this cycle?

I am starting a women’s Trauma Body Transformation Group for female trauma survivors. I will be accepting 7 carefully screened and selected participants for an 8-week journey that will include both education and clinician-led group support. Each session will include both an education segment and a direct support session. The education pieces will include:

  1. Tools that stop cortisol and adrenaline, and creating a “safe space” to look at painful issues
  2. The Trauma Brain (Sympathetic Nervous System Dominance, Leptin/Insulin/Cortisol and metabolism)
  3. The effect of trauma on attachment and relationships
  4. Good eating plans and Mindful Eating
  5. Changing impulsive eating
  6. Fear of success
  7. Visioning your healthier future
  8. Creating a helpful metaphor and plan for success!

If you’re interested in the group, please call me at 301.814.0171 or click on the Contact Me link. We will have a brief phone conversation and then I will send you some forms to help me understand your needs and whether or not the group would be a good option for you. If it is, we will arrange an initial evaluation session where I will gather more face to face information and either include you in the group, or help you solidify an alternative plan for your success.

  • The group will run for 8 consecutive Monday evenings from 6-7:30.
  • I’m offering a discounted initial evaluation for $150. (My Initial Evaluation is usually $200.) ***
  • Sessions are $50 each. ***
  • In order to preserve commitment, trust and consistency in the group, the total cost of $400 will be paid in full in advance and there are no refunds. (If you are sick, we can “beam” you in electronically.)

*** Some insurance companies will reimburse you for your sessions. (I don’t take insurance.) Call and ask them what they will reimburse for an out of network provider for a 90791 (Initial Evaluation,) and 90853 (group therapy.)

It really can be different. If you are a female trauma survivor who wants to become more vital, successful and self-loving, click here now!