I will not rescue you,
For you are not powerless.
I will not fix you,
For you are not broken.
I will not heal you,
For I see you, in your wholeness.
I will walk with you through the darkness,
As you remember your light.
(A Medicine Woman's Prayer)

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About Tiffany (Craig) Sankofa, MS LCPC

I created Sankofa/Continuum Counseling Services as a place for people to safely pursue healing and wholeness. In collaboration with other providers, Sankofa/Continuum Counseling Services is designed to provide you with the resources and support you need to take hold of the infinite potential of your unique life. I am a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor and have been in clinical practice since 1999. I earned an M.S. in Pastoral Counseling from Loyola College in Maryland, (now Loyola University.)

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