In the early history of our species, words were thought of as "spells." Early humans recognized the power of words. In Kemet, (pre-Egyptian Egypt,) words were considered to be from "Heka;" the aspect of God concerned with magic and manifestation. This is literally why we use the "spelling" in English to describe the construction of words. These early humans were not wrong! Our emotions come from the way we interpret situations. The very sound of different words in our minds can change the way we feel. Try this: Say the word "sweet" out loud. Now say the word, "dulcet." (It's pronounced, "DUHL-seht" if you aren't familiar.) They both mean sweet, but they register differently in the body. Furthermore, anyone who speaks or has studied a romance language will have automatic connections to words like "dolce," "dulce," "douceur," or "doces." All of these words mean sugary treats in different romance languages. The gut brain makes automatic connections between things that are familiar. The simple sound of the English word "dulcet" can instantly conjure memories of sweet desserts past. We might even start craving a treat when and have no idea why! Words are true manifestations of magic. They conjure; Meaning, they have the ability to change the chemical firings in our bodies which change our mood state. And so I bring you the simple magical spell of "and." Say these sentences out loud:

  • "It's raining today." (Notice how you feel inside.)
  • "AND" (Notice how you feel inside.)
  • "I have an hour to snuggle up in my bed." (Notice how you feel inside.)

Now try this one:

  • "I'm really worried that I won't be able to pay my bills." (Notice how you feel inside.)
  • "AND" (Notice how you feel inside.)
  • "We have enough food today. We're good for now." (Notice how you feel inside.)

Try this one:

  • "I don't know when this COVID Captivity is going to end." (Notice how you feel inside.)
  • "AND" (Notice how you feel inside.)
  • "The cherry blossoms are out. I'm going for a walk before I start my day." (Notice how you feel inside.)

The "and" doesn't undo the truth in the first sentence, but it does remind you that there's more than just that truth. The second sentence is also true. That magical three-letter word breaks up the ice on what would be a frozen mood state. It prepares you to consider a wider truth. "And" has the magical power to open our thinking, to free up our creativity and, sincerely, increase our ability to fight disease. When we fire in negative emotions moment after moment, day after day, we decreased the telomeres that cap off our DNA strands. Without sufficient telomeres, our gene strands can't do their work of reproducing cells in a healthy way, leaving our bodies less able to fight off physical disease as well as mental health challenges like depression, panic, obsessive thoughts and anxiety. When we consider what elseis true, our bodies re-settle. When we think of more positive, hopeful and/or pleasant things, our bodies chemically fire in a way that supports healthy gene reproduction, leaving us able to fight threatening imbalances. That tiny little word - that iota of Heka - is quite sincerely a kind of "magic" that can make the difference between being sick and being well. Use it liberally!

If you'd like help reclaiming your Heka, please use the Contact Me on this page! I'm happy to help any way I can.