"You cain't always git whachu want,You cain't always git whachu want,But if you try sometime, you might findYa git what you neeeeeeed."(Mick Jagger & Keith Richards -- see link HERE) Batter Up It's baseball season. Watch out for curveballs! Ok, ok, ok... Life’s curveballs could care less what season it is. They just... happen.

I'm not a Rolling Stones fan, but that doesn't stop me from respecting Mick and Keith's lyrics up there. Some of us so infrequently "git what (we) want" we might find ourselves saying, "How about just once, Universe/God/Divine/whoever/whatever? Just once can I “git” what I want?"

Mind Your Head! I've been in that place several times in my life. I've had to painfully let go of numerous false assumptions. Here are just a few:

  • That other people do have the power to derail our good visions and plans.
  • That good ideas and good organizations can

    be permanently sabotaged by bad behavior.
  • That there isn't any kind of magical mystic formula that will give me what I want as long as I have "pure intentions" and work the formula just right.

I've also learned that adjusting for curveballs works a whole lot better than fighting them or spending too much time railing against why they shouldn't have happened. I've learned to give grief the space it needs so that I can let things go, and then re-imagine the future in a different way, as many times as I choose to.

The Both-And of COVID

The Pandemic turned out to be a terrific tutor for this process for a whole lot of humans. I can't begin to tell you how many people sheepishly reported that they felt bad saying that something good came out of it all when there was so much suffering and destruction for so many. At the same time, those same people did manage to find or create something good right there in the middle of the awful. That, is adjusting to curveballs.

Watch Out for Birds in the Stadium! Personally, my vision for my work has pivoted dramatically since the shut down. Much of my original vision for this decade of my career no longer makes sense. I was excited about my plans! I was moving at a fair clip toward my goals! And then? Not so much.

I’ve been shat upon numerous ways in the past three years. Much of it has been fallout from the humans not humanning well, both directly and indirectly, all profoundly affecting my already-fragile finances. I’m not a fan.

“Ya Git What You Need” I continue to move toward my Life Mission through it all. I am here to “Soften Sorrow, Hold Hope, and Encourage Empowerment.” Each time I find myself wiping off seagull buana or pivoting to avoid another dropped load, I’ve turned toward that mission.

Sometimes the weird contortions even turn out to deliver me to something even more effective than what I originally intended. At other times I realize that there are countless great ideas out there. I’m okay with not doing all of them. I get to choose what is and is not worth my energy and resources. There have been dreams in my life that were shot down by others decades ago. It was devastating at the time. Looking back now, I see the losses folded into my current life in some potent ways. Staying keyed into my Life Mission has made that possible.

Other people really do have the power to alter how we do what we’re here to do, but they do not have the power to stop us from doing it. You cain’t always git what you want. But if you try sometimes you just might find… Ya git what ya neeeeeed.


Looking for your Life Mission? Working through the grief of others shatting on the gifts you bring? Contact Tiffany today. Let’s work through it together