Finding Your Pando

There is a colony of 47,000 Quaking Aspen trees located in Fishlake National Forest, in Utah that have been gauged to be around 80,000 years old. 80 ---- > THOUSAND years! (See for more information and pictures. It's beautiful!) These trees have been gauged to be approximately 80,000 years old. They have seen peoples and nations and governments and movements and wars and cycles and wonderful people and horrible people and everything in between all come and go and come and go. They stand and bear witness. They hold the earth and continue to grow and change through all of the cycles. They inspire me to stay grounded, to keep perspective, to give what I have to give and receive what is mine to receive. Through all of the changes and stressors and destruction and painful rebirthings, I choose Pando. Do you feel a need to find your own sense of "Pando?" Fill out the Send a Message form below right now and let's get started!