Hunting Fear

“Don’t be afraid of your fears. They’re not there to scare you. They’re there to let you know that something is worth it.”(C. JoyBell C.) A Message from “the Gods” In my reading the other day, I stumbled onto a short piece about the Gaelic god, Cernnunos. Not much about him has survived to present day and there is some disagreement about what he was all about. One understanding of him stood out to me though: He represents both the Hunter and the Hunted.

Seeing as my word for the year is “Balance,” I found that a little hard to ignore. There is an intrinsic balance in being both.

Fear as Divining Rod As I understand it, Cernnunos hunts down our fears, not to kill them, but rather to find the desires nestled inside of them. Now you have my full attention.

It makes a lot of sense. Consider what these fears point to:

  • I’m afraid of being audited by the IRS.

I want fearless financial freedom.

  • I’m afraid I will never find a partner.

I want a soulmate connection.

  • I’m afraid that I won’t be able to access the healthcare I need, when I need it.

I want to be adequately cared for.

  • I’m afraid I will lose my job.

I want a sense of stability in my life.

  • I’m afraid that this person I love will not hear me, see me, value me.

I want a true partner at every level.

Anxiety’s Kissing Cousin See it? This is similar to anxiety: When we don’t answer our anxious thoughts they can spin and take on a life of their own, totally hijacking our thoughts and putting us in a terrible place. (Reminder: For relief from anxiety, watch this short video, and then this one.) If we answer those anxious questions from a centered body state, we can do something with the information we find.

Likewise, if we peek underneath the skirts of our fear to see the guiding desire underneath it, we can create an action plan instead.

What You CAN Control In similar fashion to anxiety, maintaining “internal locus of control” is essential. Don’t waste time on what others would need to do or not do in order for your dream to be fulfilled.That puts you forever at the mercy of others. Instead, look at what you have control over.

  • You can’t really control whether or not the IRS audits you, though you can make it less likely. You can put things in place in your life that can lead you to financial freedom.

  • You can’t control whether or not someone appears in your life who might be a “soulmate” connection. You can put yourself in environments with likeminded people.

  • You can’t control what governments and health systems do or how they make healthcare accessible or inaccessible. You can keep working on how to be your healthiest and best self. You can keep working on being part of a sustaining community of people who look out for one another any way they can. You can also vote.

  • As with the IRS, you can’t control what happens with companies and bosses and jobs, but you can map out a plan for stability that doesn’t rely on what they do or don’t do.

  • You can’t control whether or not a partner will join you in intimate places. You can control your own healing with your stuff that can get in the way, and your discernment in choosing an intimate partner. Both have tremendous benefits.

In all of these things, the exploration of the desire beneath the fear can shape the questions you ask, the people you connect with, the people you limit your interactions with, and the choices you make. If nothing else, they can offer you an interesting life.

Et tu? What are you afraid of? What is your fear telling you that you want? As you consider the things over which you have control, what is your fear telling you that you want from yourself?

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