One Time at a Time

It's so easy for the clutter of our lives and our ambitions to create chaos and stress. We want to do and accomplish and change the world for good, but it just never seems like there's enough time for it all. I wanted to share something with you that I learned from my daughter when she was about three years old. I hope it encourages you as much as it did me: I wanted togetustoourbigthingsimportantthingsessentialthings

You wanted to pet the neighbor’s cat

I wanted toreadthebookstowritethepaperstogetoutthedamneddoor

You wanted to feel the grass with your perfect little toes

I wanted toaccomplishgreatthingstoseepeoplehealedtomaketheworldabetterplace

You wanted to sing songs to the balloon babies in your stroller

As your eyes welled with tears and exasperation and you cried out “ONE TME AT A TIME, MOMMY! ONE TIME AT A TIME!” the bubbles popped my lungs filled and I finally understood that you were teaching me to do all of the Important Things so much better. image1.JPG