"When chaos surrounds us, peace becomes an act of rebellion."

I've decided that my word for 2019 is "peace." Except in very limited doses, I am unable to exact peace in our outer world. Factions around the globe have intentionally leveraged fear and an illusion of scarcity to pit people against one another so that greedy agendas have free reign. We can be so busy reacting at times that we look right past the game and become consumed with overwhelming emotions. It's so easy to lose perspective. And so, I am setting my intentions on peace. Certain leaders would have us thinking that threats are so abundant that we must live as though our clothes are on fire. We must react now! Now! Now! As if there is not time to take four or five slow, deep breaths and ask ourselves, "This thing may or may not be true. What else is true?" There are some very serious and dangerous things happening in the world. If I am going to have any clarity on what my role might be in affecting change, I need to be thinking clearly. I calm my body. I re-center myself in a long-term view that considers all the years of humanness, and not just the tiny subset in front of me. I remember that even amidst the chaos, my puppy's fur is still soft, my husband's shoulders are still firm, chocolate still exists and can be magically morphed into endless varieties of wonderfulness, my clients are still amazing and inspiring, oceans still heal me from the inside out, my kids are still learning and growing and becoming more and more themselves, and this breath? This one right here? This breath still settles and speaks peace to every fiber of my being. Notice the key word here: Still. These things "still" have the power to invite me to be… still. By embracing stillness; By recapturing peace from within, we refuse to play the dangerous games of the world around us. We reclaim our wisdom and make our choices from a place of perspective. In 2019, I invite you to rebel with me. Peace be with you. ~~~ If you would like help finding your own peace, please fill out the Contact Me box on this page!