When Productive Looks Like “Lazy” (By Guest Blogger, Jenny Lane)

“Grace” is that thing that happens when we don’t expect ourselves or others to be anything but our stumbling, bumbling human selves, all full of mess and magic, doing the best we can as we learn forward. Lazy? Sometimes I'm only motivated enough to admit that I'm not motivated 🤷‍♀️

Our glowy Tiffany Sankofa, once told me something once that stuck (a cool thing for this ADHD brain): "There is no such thing as lazy; There is only unmotivated, scared, grieving or tired. So, which one are you?"

Shamelessly Inert This little blurb did big work: It took


to the dumpster. You see, sometimes, we're just really freaking tired and sometimes there's not necessarily a solid, profound reason as to why, but it can get us unmotivated or stagnant. The world is heavy right now and, to be honest, it's quite easy to find a reason to be miserable. And, if you're like me, misery loves lack of motivation.

I'm a Makeup Artist, Social Seller and Singer. On days when I'm not necessarily feeling highly motivated, but I "have" to work, I give myself what I usually want to give myself least: Grace. I might work from my couch in my blanky, I might pull content from days ago or years ago to use, I might skip doing my makeup. Some days I pull the plug completely and decide that I won't be showing up at all. (In fact, I’m writing this blog right now because Tiffany decided to offer herself some grace to unplug for a minute!) I'm convinced that unplugging from technology is the only way to guarantee that we will plug back in.

…To Sparkle Another Day Giving myself grace and meeting myself where I'm at means that I'm not burning out tomorrow. I could very easily force myself to do all of the things I know that I "should" do but that will leave me a very unhealthy Jenny Lane tomorrow...arguably, even immediately.

Life is a marathon, not sprint, which means giving yourself grace today so that you don't burn out by tomorrow. And, when you do give yourself grace, you find yourself wanting to show up more. Try it ;)


Jenny Lane's life mission is “To sparkle as bright as she can; spewing fiery flames of unapologetic truth, deep love and fierce audacity; hoping to ignite others with the same.” It shows, doesn’t it??